Planning Applications

This page shows TVBC Planning Applications for Wherwell since March 2016

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17/00818/TREEN: Fell 1 Lime Tree and 1 Horse Chestnut


Wherwell Priory


Received: 30th March, 2017                                                    Status:  Pending consideration


17/00081/FULLN: Formation of new access and driveway to existing parking area and associated landscaping.


Orchard Cottage, Fullerton Rd., Wherwell


Received 29th March, 2017                                                     Status: Pending consideration


17/00648/AGNN: Two agricultural storage barns


Wherwell Priory


Received 21st March, 2017                                                     Status: Prior Approval Required


17/00541/FULLN: Replacement of gate posts and gate, and replacement of concrete steps. (retrospective)

32 High St., Wherwell


Received :  16th March, 2017                                                 Status: Pending consideration 


17/00392/TREEN: Re-pollard lime tree at entrance to property


New House, Fullerton Rd., Wherwell


Received: 17th February, 2017                                                Status: No Objection  (08/03/17)


17/00192/FULLN: Construction of a replacement dwelling with attached garage and pool house following the demolition of the exisiting house, garage and cabin including relocation of vehicular access (re-submission)

Rowan Lodge, Longparish Rd, South Harewood


Received:  11th Februaury, 2017                                            Status:  Permission (04/04/17)


17/00253/LBWN: Restoration of lime render on the principle elevation; repairs to window framework with internal secondary glazing added, and additionof cementious render to the brick walls on the south, west and remainder of the north elevations.


Vine Cottage, Fullerton Rd.


Received:  7th Februaary, 2017                                             Status:  Pending consideration 


17/00211/FULLN: Construction of new garage


Haresfield, Fullerton Rd.


Received: 7th February, 2017                                                Status:  Permission 30/03/17


17/00029/FULLN: New timber barn with wheelchair access ramp to be used as a holiday let


The Mill House, Mill Lane, Wherwell


Received:  12th January 2017                                                Status:  Pending consideration


16/03114/TREEN: Fell 1x Cherry Tree


Testside, Fullerton Rd., Wherwell


Received: 13th November, 2016                                             Status:  No Objection (26/01/17)


16/02713/TREEN: T1 Yew-reduce by 25%, T2 Sycamore-Fell, T3 Ash-Fell, T4 Field Maple-Fell, T5 Sycamore-Fell


Toll Cottage, Winchester Rd., Wherwell


Received:  2nd November, 2016                                            Status:  No Objection (23/11/16)

16/02632/FULLN: Conversion of existing garage into living accommodation; changes to front elevation; two storey extension with first floor balcony and single storey rear extension.


Haresfield, Fullerton Rd., Wherwell


Received: 26th October, 2016                                                Status:  Permission (16/12/16)


16/02573/TREEN: Remove 1x Silver Birch and 1 x Mountain Ash


32 High St., Wherwell


Received: 20th October, 2016                                                Status:  No Objection (08/11/16)

16/02330/TREEN: Dismantle 1x Poplar


The Old Rectory, Church St., Wherwell


Received: 4th October, 2016                                                   Status:  No Objection (07/11/16)

16/02218/TREEN: Dismantle 1 x Poplar


The Old Rectory, Church St., Wherwell


Received:  16th September, 2016                                           Status: No Objection (06/10/16)


16/02123/FULLN: Construction of a replacement dwelling with attached garage and pool house following the demolition of the exisitng house, garage and cabin including relocation of vehicular access.


Rowan Lodge, Longparish Rd. Wherwell


Received: 8th September, 2016                                              Status: Permission (04/11/16)


16/01945/FULLN: Erection of car port (amended scheme)


Oakwood, Longparish Road, Wherwell


Received: 18th August, 2016                                                   Status: Permission (10/10/16)


16/01936/TREEN: Remove 1X Holly


32 High St., Wherwell, Andover


Received: 16th August, 2016                                                    Status:  No objection (02/09/16)


16/01693/CLPN: Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of ground floor extension.


11 Beech Grove, Wherwell, Andover


Received: 13th July, 2016                                                 Status: Issue Certificate (05/09/16) 


16/01167/FULLN: Single storey extension; single storey infill extension and conversion of garage to playroom; new roof gable to accommodate attic stairs; single storey garage and garden access steps.


Bramshill, Fullerton Rd., Wherwell


Received: 18th May, 2016                                                         Status:  Permission  (08/07/16)


16/01006/FULLN:  Erection of two storey extension and refurbishment to provide three bedrooms and living accommodation with associated landscaping.


New Barn Cottage, New Barn Lane, Wherwell


Received: 17th May, 2016                                                Status:  Refuse (06/7/16) Appeal dismissed


16/01072/FULLN & 16/01073/LBWN:  Erection of single storey extension to provide family room


Chestnut Cottage, 27 High St, Wherwell


Received: 7th May, 2016                                                         Status:  Permission / Consent (29/06/16)


16/00525/FULLN: Erect conservatory.


2 Chant Close, Wherwell


Received: 22 April, 2016                                                             Status:  Permission (21/06/16)


16/00889/FULLN & 16/00891/LBWN: Single storey rear extension (amended scheme)

Rosemary Cottage, Church St., Wherwell


Received: 19 April, 2016                                                   Status:  Refuse (03/06/16) Appeal dismissed


16/00640/FULLN:  Replacement of exisiting solid board fencing panels with picket fencing to a reduced height and utilising existing posts.


Priory cottage, 15 High St., Wherwell


Received: 04 April , 2016                                                            Status: Permission (20/5/16)


15/03110/FULLN: Erection of additional carpenters barn to be used for holiday letting, with sleeping accommodation, ensuite and ramped disabled access.


Carpenters Barn, Mill House, Mill Lane, Wherwell


Received:   08 March, 2016                                                          Status: Refuse (26/4/16)




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