Wherwell Playing Fields

WPFA Pavilion Cropped


Wherwell Playing Fields short report May 2014

Wherwell Playing Fields (WPF) was founded in 1950 as a charitable trust responsible to Wherwell Parish Council (WPC) to manage and develop the facilities. These facilities include: football and cricket pitches, tennis courts, children’s play area, pavilion, parking area, etc. The facilities are available to the local community including the Wherwell Primary School (WPS). During the summer months the Wherwell Cricket Club regularly uses the grounds, playing in the Hampshire league, and in the winter season the Wherwell Football Club playing in the Andover Sunday league. Each year the WPF organises the Sports Fete and runs the 200 Club and other functions to raise funds to maintain, operate and develop the facilities. Over the past years the funds raised and large contributions in kind (labour of community and related business support) have enabled e.g. building of pavilion, provision of children’s play area and tennis courts, purchase of car park area and an area to extend the grounds.

For more information contact Chairman of WPF Mr. Sean Hutton on 01264 860443

The 200 Club help to support and improve the facilities at Wherwell Playing Fields. The most recent achievement was providing major funding for a new childrens play area. Future plans include additional storage facilities and changing rooms for children and women.

Draws take place every month with good cash prizes won. New members are always welcome so please call Alan Rowles on 01264 860544

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