Wherwell Church

March 2012 Church  Spire

St Peter & Holy Cross - March 2012 - with new roof and spire

Introduction to the Church

Standing on the site of a royal religious foundation, Wherwell church has a long history stretching back to Saxon times. You can read the full history of Wherwell Abbey and Wherwell Church in a 32-page booklet "History and Legend", on sale in the Church. The online version (PDF) has recent (2014) updates.

St. Peter & Holy Cross Church is part of a larger five-parish benefice (the Downs Benefice). The Reverend Jax Machin is the Benefice Rector aided by the Reverend David Mapes as the Assistant Priest.The church is always glad to welcome newcomers to the village – we have services of different types to suit varying tastes.

Church Services:

1st Sunday of the month: 10 am Matins / Holy Communion OR Common Worship (alternate months)

2nd Sunday of the month: 6 pm Evening Communion

3rd Sunday of the month: 10 am Family Service

4th Sunday of the month: 8 am BCP Holy Communion

5th Sunday of the month (rotating with other parishes): 10 am Benefice Family Communion (occasionally 6pm Benefice Evensong)

Additional information