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Some Crime Prevention tips (issued December 2013)

1. Dwelling Burglary 
  • Don’t leave Christmas presents under the tree  in view of a window
  • Make sure windows and doors are locked every time you leave the house.
  • Avoid leaving tools and ladders lying around that could assist someone get into your home.
  • When you go out at night make it appear that someone is home. Draw the curtains and leave a light on. Always use a timer switch to put on a lamp or radio. 
2. Vehicle Crime  
  • Before you leave you car, ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked.
  • Avoid leaving your purchases and presents in you vehicle. If you must, make sure they are not on display. Rather store them in the boot and make sure the car is locked.
  • Always lock your bike. Use a D lock and make the locked bike difficult to manoeuvre by keep any gaps between the lock and bike frame small.  
3. Online Shopping
  • When online shopping ensure you go to the official websites and have adequate  anti-virus software, especially when purchasing expensive items. 
4. Personal Safety  
  • Never leave a bag unattended in a trolley, even if for a couple of seconds.
  • Keep wallets in an inside pocket and bags closed and out of sight from potential pick-pockets.
  • Keep your PIN number confidential and when entering your PIN number at a terminal ensure no one can see you enter it.  
5.   Property Registration  
  • If you are buying or receiving valuable gifts such as bikes, mobiles or electrical items register them for free at www.immobilise.com. In doing so you will assist the police in returning your property should it be lost or stolen  
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