Chilbolton Church - St Mary the Less

St Mary The Less Chilbolton

Our church is  a prominent building within the village and is well supported by the community. The name St Mary-the-Less is somewhat of a mystery and it is not really known to which St Mary the church is dedicated. The church was built in the 12th century and extensive alterations have been made over the years.

In 1842 the old bell tower, which stood on massive oak-tree props at the rear of the nave, was taken down and rebuilt in its present position. Most recently the new toilet facilities and a kitchen servery area were added in 2012, making the church more accessible and able to accommodate a range of church and community activities.

St Mary-the-Less is an historic parish church able to serve its community with both traditional and modern services and has hosted community activities.

As part of its accessibility we keep the church doors unlocked every day.

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