WI Centenary Pennants


There are 28 WI Groups comprising 205 individual WIs in the Hampshire Federation. Each of the WIs was invited to make a selection of pennants to celebrate 100 years of the Hampshire Federation 1917-2017. Only one of the pennants of each WI in their Group will be chosen for inclusion in  the Federation Display. Some  Chilbolton members have made individual pennants. The front and back of each pennant is shown in order below. These were exhibited at this year's Chilbolton Flower & Produce Show as Chilbolton WI is itself 100 years old in December 2017.At the Show the 'Pennant'  The Chilbolton Observatory number (1 front and back) was chosen by someone not of the Village but a lady named Eleanor Jakeman. She felt that The Chilbolton Observatory was specific to the village. 

All the pennants will be on show at our Centenary Celebration Afternoon Luxury Tea at Lainston House on 6th December 2017. The membership is looking  forward to this special event.


1 Front

1 Back

2 Front

WI 20170924-dsc 3268

2 Back

WI 20170924-dsc 3269

3 Front

WI 20170924-dsc 3270

3 Back

WI 20170924-dsc 3271

 4 Front

WI 20170924-dsc 3272

4 Back

WI 20170924-dsc 3273

5 Front

WI 20170924-dsc 3274

5 Back

WI 20170924-dsc 3275

6 Front

WI 20170924-dsc 3276

6 Back

WI 20170924-dsc 3277


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