CPC - Village Plan

In April 2014, Chilbolton Parish Council agreed that a revised Village Design Statement (VDS) should be prepared, with a view to this being a guide to the Parish Council and committees on planning direction and strategy over the next ten to twenty years. The intention is for this revised VDS to be adopted by Chilbolton PC and Test Valley Borough Council by mid-2015, and to supersede the VDS of 2003. A Working Group has been appointed to lead the development of the VDS, and also to consider the possible development of a full Neighbourhood Plan.

During the development of the revised Village Design Statement, and the possible Neighbourhood Plan, input and views will be needed from a wide spectrum of village residents.

These website pages will keep everyone informed of progress, and of all of the issues that are being debated.

Working Groups Terms of Reference

Brief outline of process

Village Design Statement 2003

Planning Framework – Open Meeting 11/06/14

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