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Members of the public welcome at all Committee meetings


  Date of meeting and Agenda Previous meeting draft minutes
Parish Council 05/02/18 08/01/18
Planning Committee 23/01/18 08/01/18
Open Space Committee 08/02/18 9/11/17
Neighbourhood Developement Plan Working Party 31/01/18 10/01/18
Flood Advisory Group    15/01/18

Due to a number of comments with regards to the Parish Council's proposal to install a bus shelter on Branksome Avenue, COSC and CPC have taken the decsion to cancel the COSC December meeting and postpone further discussion on the matter until the Chilbolton Neighbourhood Development Plan survey results have been evaluted.  This is likely to be either February or March 2018.

2017 Meeting Timetable

Parish Council Constitution adopted May '15

Protocol for Reporting at Meetings - This Protocol provides guidance to members of the public or press who wish to photograph or record proceedings at any of Chilbolton Parish Council public meetings.

CHILBOLTON ANNUAL PARISH ASSEMBLY - Draft 2017 minutes of the meeting and annual reports from local organisations/clubs


 Local list of contacts in the event of a medical emergency

Chilbolton Parish Council Safeguarding Policy agreed 3/7/17 is attached here



The Highways Act 1980 c. 66 Part IX Obstruction of highways and streets Section 154 gives a local authority the right to give 14 days' written notice to the land owner/occupier of the land to which any vegetation that endangers or obstructs the passage of vehicles or pedestrians, or obstructs or interferes with the view of drivers of vehicles or the light from a public lamp to lop or cut it as to remove the cause of the danger, obstruction or interference.

The Parish Council would therefore like to remind all residents that it is your responsibility to ensure that the roads and footpaths are kept free of obstruction so as to avoid anyone getting formal notice from Test Valley Borough Council and/or Hampshire County Council.

For information on HCC design standard for path widths please see the attached leaflet 




Every Tuesday afternoon at 14:00 - work parties

Hampshire County Council will be joining the working party on 6 February 2018 at 10am, meeting on the northern section of the Mark Way (near the telescope) to work on the Mark Way, all volunteers welcome.






Southern Water's scheme to lay a 440 metre-long water main in Coley Lane, to help ensure a constant supply of high-quality drinking water to our customers, has started and is scheduled to be completed by Christmas.  More details can be found on their website: will be updated throughout the scheme. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with them.

Southern Water Update -  Our work in Coley Lane has now been completed and we are progressing across the nature reserve. To date we've put 800m of pipework in the ground, which leaves 130 metres to go. We plan to test and commission the new water main within the next few weeks. Work on building a new water service reservoir base has also started. We're programed to be completed and in commission by late December. This update and details of the scheme can be seen on our dedicated web page: If you would like to speak to someone about this project, please call 0330 303 0368 quoting reference 561307 and your query will be passed to the project team.


The Hampshire County Council Central Countryside Sites team have set up a practical conservation volunteer task on the third Sunday of each month at Danebury Hill Fort. The sessions run from 10.30am – 3.30pm.

This is a great opportunity for local people to get active in the outdoors, meet new people and have fun whilst learning new skills and contributing to practical conservation on their fantastic Local Nature Reserve. Spending time in nature has been shown to have great benefits for both physical and mental health and we welcome everyone to our sessions. Under 16's will need parental permission or the whole family could come outside for the day together.


Tools, gloves and tea/coffee provided. Volunteers should bring their own lunch and wear sturdy footwear and clothes they don't mind getting muddy.

Information can be found on the attached poster here


Hampshire County Council Evaluation of the rural 20 mph speed limit progamme

HCC are seeking residents views on the 20 mph speed limit that was implemented in Chilbolton on the 27 July 2015.  The results of the evaluation process, which is seeking feedback from all the pilot schemes implemented in Hampshire, together with the outcome of the techincal assessment of these speed limits will help determine future policy of 20 mph restrictions in Hampshire.  These findings will be presented to Councillor Humby, Executive Member for Transport and Environment, in the new year.  

You can give your views by completeing the evaluation form online, the link is here.  The deadline is 11:59pm on 7 January 2018.


 M3 Junction 9 (Winnall Roundabout) improvement consultation and information

While this is out of our area, many residents will use this route to access to Southampton and the south coast. The consultation about this major proposal to revamp Junction 9 is open until the 19th February 2018


Stockbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team - Community Priority Survey


HCC important information for Concessionary Travel passes ending March 2018


TVBC information for residents re Flood Insuarance

*Hamphire County Council Cold Weather Advice

*For TVBC information regarding the change in the registration system for people to get onto the electoral roll click here

*TVBC Press Release - Re changes to eligibility for repair and renew grant that may be halpful to those who may have had troubles with their septic tanks during the winter floods.

Stockbridge Safer Neighbourhoods Team Crime Prevention Advice  - Shed and Barn Theft - Equipment Security 

DOGS TRUST - Be Dog Smart - Educating young people about dog ownership

Dog Microchipping is now compulsory - see attached article from Test Valley Borough Council here


Information on Garden Bonfires can be found at the following links:- and



CHANGE IN LAWS REGARDING DOGS - attached is an important notice for everyone especially dog owners.

SSE Priority Services Leaflet - Extra support for you during a power cut


Chilbolton PC Minutes

Parish Council Minutes   

 If you wish to view any mentioned attachment to the minutes please contact the Clerk.

  2014 2015  2016
January 07/01/2014 5/1/15 4/1/16 9/1/17   8/1/18
February 03/02/2014 2/2/15 1/2/16  6/2/17   
2/3/15 7/3/16  6/3/17   
7/4/15  4/4/16  3/4/17   
05/05/14 (APM) 5/5/15 (APM) 3/5/16  8/5/17  
02/06/14  1/6/15 6/6/16  5/6/17  
07/07/14  6/7/15 4/7/16  3/7/17  
no meeting  no meeting no meeting  no meeting   
01/09/14  7/9/15 5/9/16   4/9/17  
01/10/14  5/10/15 03/10/16 2/10/17  
03/11/14  2/11/15 7/11/16  6/11/17  
 01/12/14 7/12/15 5/12/16  4/12/17 draft  
Special meeting
 Parish Assembly 07/04/2014 21/4/15      

Copies of minutes from earlier PC meetings can be obtained from the Parish Clerk

Chilbolton PC Planning Sub-committee Minutes


Chilbolton Parish Council
Planning Committee

About the Planning Committee

Chilbolton Parish Council is currently an advisory body to the Local Planning Authority (Test Valley Borough Council) for all planning applications that relate to the parish area.
The Planning Committee is constituted to consider and to respond on behalf of the Council in respect of such applications.


Membership consists of five parish councillors (currently those members are Jane O'Boyle, George Marits, Tony Ewer, Fiona Barrie and Michelle Stephens).
Membership of the committee will be as decided at the Annual Parish Council meeting each year, subject to the proviso that the chairman and vice-chairman of the Parish Council shall, in any event, be ex officio members with voting capacity should they wish.


Meetings are held when new planning applications need to be discussed and are generally on the first Monday of the month at 18:30 (prior to Parish Council meeting) and on the third Tuesday of month at 19:15 at the Durnford Room, Chilbolton Village Hall.

Should a meeting be required the date, time and agenda of the meeting shall be posted on the notice boards on Grindstone Green, village hall & adjacent to Branksome Close and also in Chilbolton Stores about a week before the meeting.

Parishioners are welcome to attend any meeting, and time is made available for them to voice any concerns.

Terms of Reference – these were agreed at the Annual CPC meeting held on 18 May 2015.



Planning Sub-committee Minutes:-

  2015 2016 2017
January    5/1/15  27/1/15    4/1/16  19/1/16  9/1/17 24/1/17  8/1/18
February  No meetings held 1/2/16 16/2/16 6/2/17 21/2/17  
March 2/3/15  17/3/15 7/3/16  6/3/17  
April 7/4/15  20/4/15





May 5/5/15





June 1/6/15 6/6/16 21/6/16  5/6/17  20/6/17  
July 6/7/15  21/7/15  4/7/16  19/7/16 18/7/17   
August 3/8/15  24/8/15 1/8/16 16/8/16 7/8/17  22/8/17  
September 15/9/15  5/9/16 20/9/16 4/9/17 19/9/17   
October 5/10/15  03/10/16 18/10/16  17/10/17  
November 2/11/15 7/11/16 22/11/16  6/11/17  
December 7/12/15 20/12/16  4/12/17 19/12/17   



Chilbolton PC Finance

Finance Report


  2015 2016 2017
January 5/1/15 4/1/16 9/1/17   8/1/18
February 2/2/15  1/2/16  6/2/17  
March 2/3/15  7/3/16 6/3/17   
April 7/4/15  4/4/16 3/4/17   
May 18/5/15






June 16/1/15  6/6/16  5/6/17  
July 6/7/15  4/7/16  3/7/17  
August No report  No report  no report  
September 7/9/15  5/9/16  4/9/17  
October 5/10/15  3/10/16  2/10/17  
November 2/11/15  7/11/16  6/11/17  
December 7/12/15  5/12/16  4/12/17  

 2018/19 precept information


2016/17 Notice of Conclusion of Audit and requisite information


Agreed Budget 2018/19 CPC workings, Open Spaces workings, overall CPC 


Financial Regulations revised 06/11/2012

Financial Risk assessment as of 01/01/2014


Agenda for PC meeting

March 2013

Additional information